Zander roe fried

Zander roe fried
Arrange and serve

Anyone who buys their fish “round” knows that they are not yet gutted. This is a sign that the fish is particularly fresh – after all, the innards are the ones most likely to spoil.

Sometimes you’re lucky and get a Rogner – a female fish. If the roe bags are still full, you also have a real delicacy here.

This post focuses on preparing the roe, for example as an accompaniment to salads, but also as an independent dish with your own side dishes.

The gutting of round fish is described here , so the first three photos are for guidance only.


  • Remove the roe sacks and remove the connective tissue
  • Season with salt, optionally with lemon and pepper
  • Dredge in flour, shaking off excess flour
  • Fry in plenty of hot water until golden brown on all sides

In this example, the fried roe was briefly placed on a kitchen towel. Onion brunoises were sautéed in part of the fat and then deglazed with lemon juice. Then the fried roe was put back into the pan and turned over in the broth. It is now ready to be served with the components of your choice.