Veal breast filled with bread dumplings

Veal breast filled with bread dumplings

history :

The veal breast is also called veal flap by the butcher and is the calf’s abdominal wall. Only a few centimeters thick, it is ideal for stuffing and then grilling on a rotisserie or braised in the oven.

In this example, the breast of veal was stuffed with bread dumplings and then grilled on a rotisserie.

Material needed :

  • veal breast (shelled)
  • Bread dumplings mass
  • kitchen twine
  • Grill with rotisserie


  • Place the veal breast on a sufficiently large board
  • Distribute the mass so that 10 cm remain free on one side
  • Roll up the breast of veal so that the remaining piece is rolled up at the end
  • Tie with kitchen twine every 4-5 cm to hold the roll. If available, a pull-in tube with a roasting net can also be used.
  • Skewer the veal breast lengthways on a rotisserie and grill at 160° – 180° C until cooked and crispy
  • Cut across the roll into slices.

Since the veal breast is already filled with a carbohydrate side dish, you only need a suitable vegetable side dish. This red cabbage was used here. But other vegetables such as broccoli or carrots also go well with it. A strong veal jus or a creamy mushroom sauce is recommended as a suitable sauce.