The Secret of the Duck Breast

The Secret of the Duck Breast

Rarely does a piece of meat cause so much confusion as a duck breast. Ever since we learned that it can even be fried whole until it’s gray inside, anything seems to go wrong.

For a perfectly cooked duck breast, 3 goals should be achieved in equal measure:

  1. a crisp skin of light brown color, in no case black
  2. under the under the skin almost no more fat
  3. Meat that is cooked pink throughout , if possible without a gray border

These 3 goals can be perfectly achieved in two ways:

For both variants, the duck breast is prepared as described here.

Procedure :

  • Lay the breast on the skin side
  • Grab the breast fillet with your fingers and loosen it, in most cases it can even be loosened almost completely
  • Using a sharp knife, separate from the main part of the breast and set aside for other uses
  • With a sharp knife, parry the string as far as is visible, as well as the silver skins
  • Place the breast on the meat side and score the skin in a criss-cross pattern with a sharp knife
  • the red meat underneath should remain intact
  • the breast is now ready to cook