Technique: Grilling in the Kamado

Grilling is one of the dry hot cooking methods. Regardless of almost religious beliefs about the fuel, the result is always marked by clear roasted aromas.

Some like the smell and taste of charcoal embers – others prefer their gas grill. And still others grill exclusively over logs. There is no right or wrong here.

A grilling technique that has only become established in recent years is cooking with the lid closed. Strictly speaking, you can already talk about baking because of the closed cooking chamber.

The grill grate should have a temperature of at least 200°C so that clear grill marks (the so-called branding) can be seen.

In the ceramic grill we proceed as follows with a veal chop 4 cm thick:

  • Heat up to 200°C
  • Place the steak on the hot grid and close the lid
  • Turn the steak over after 1 minute and close the lid
  • Turn the steak again after another minute
  • Close all openings of the ceramic grill so that the embers slowly go out
  • Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part
  • Close the lid and cook the steak to a core temperature of 57°C
  • Take the steak off the grill and wrap it in aluminum foil and let it rest for 2 minutes
  • Cut into slices, this is enough for at least 2 people