Tagliatelle in truffle cream (al tartufo)

Tagliatelle in truffle cream (al tartufo)

Minimal effort, maximum luxury: fresh tagliatelle in truffled cream. Blessed are those who always have a few prepared truffle paste cubes in the freezer !

Ingredients (4 servings):

  • 250 g fresh pasta (tagliatelle,[restrict] spaghetti, etc.)
  • 500 ml liquid cream
  • 10g truffle paste, alternatively 25g truffle butter
  • Salt and nutmeg to taste
  • Optional: a small truffle head for slicing afterwards, black pepper from the mill

Procedure :

  • Put a large pot of water on, bring to the boil and salt
  • Boil the cream with the truffle paste in a separate pot and reduce slightly, season to taste and remove from the heat
  • Tip: 1/2 cup of the cooking water can remain in the pot with the pasta so that the sauce combines better with the pasta
  • Cook noodles for 2 minutes and drain
  • Add the truffle cream and stir with a meat fork

Finish :

  • Portion by portion turn the noodles on the meat fork, preferably in a ladle
  • Place vertically in the preheated plate
  • Grind some black pepper freshly over it with the mill, optionally also slice truffles over it