Simple carrot vegetable

Simple carrot vegetable

A quickly prepared and also colorful vegetable side dish is the “simple carrot vegetables”.

Required material:

  • cutting board
  • Sharp knife (optionally a colored knife for creases)
  • Pan or saucepan with a matching lid


  • Carrots (100%)
  • Onion brunoises (5%)
  • sparkling water (10%)
  • Butter (5%)

In the past, carrots were significantly more bitter than the breeds available today. But carrots bring enough of their own sweetness as soon as the carbohydrates have heated up. As a result, you don’t need sugar anymore these days.


  • Peel and slice carrots
  • Cut the onion into brunoises
  • Melt butter over medium heat
  • Add onions and carrots
  • Season with salt
  • Pour sparkling water
  • Bring to a boil over high heat with the lid on and immediately turn to low heat
  • The carrots and onions will now cook in their own steam – they will stew
  • After 12-15 minutes the carrots are almost done and still firm to the bite
  • Remove the lid and increase the heat to evaporate the liquid
  • What remains is a creamy, buttery sauce that coats the cooked carrots with a silky sheen
  • Fresh herbs such as thyme or parsley are only added directly before serving, then they remain juicy green