Seafood soup with crouton and rouille

The basis for this seafood soup is the strained fish soup base, the preparation of which is described here.

For this variant you also need:


  • Heat the Fish Soup Base and season to taste (in this example, salt, Espelette pepper and flavored olive oil were used)
  • Clean the shrimp and cut into thumb-sized pieces
  • Score the scallops 2mm deep on one side like a checkerboard and sprinkle with a sparing pinch of salt and a little lemon juice
  • Fry the baguette slices in hot fat or under the top heat grill until golden brown on both sides, set aside
  • Place the shrimp in a colander in the hot soup to cook
  • Heat up the pan
  • Brush the scallops with a little oil and place the cut side in the hot pan
  • When the desired degree of browning is reached, turn the mussels and remove the pan from the heat


  • Place baguette croutons in the center of a deep plate and generously sprinkle a dollop of rouille on top
  • Arrange the warm shrimp meat all around
  • place the warm mussel on the side of the rouille
  • Pour on the seasoned soup until the baguette is just sticking out
  • serve