Salmon terrine with fillet core

Salmon terrine with fillet core
Season with herbs to taste

On cold plates, for example at buffets, but also as a cold starter with leaf salads, the salmon tureen is still indispensable today. The terrine is refined with an insert of fish fillet. In this example, we chose a piece of salmon top loin that we wrapped in blanched spinach leaves.

Material needed :

  • Food processor with cutter function
  • Cooking pot and bowl for blanching
  • Kitchen strainer for draining
  • cutting board
  • Clean paper or tea towels
  • Terrine Shape
  • chef’s knife
  • palette
  • cling film
  • oven or steamer
  • Casserole dish if no steamer is available


  • For the farce
    • 100%: skinned, cube-sized salmon cuts that cannot be used for more refined preparation, i.e. tail piece, belly and possibly bottom loin
    • 60%: whipped cream ice cold
    • 2% fine salt (based on the total weight of the stuffing)
    • 2% Pernod or other aniseed liquor
    • 1% lemon juice
    • ground white pepper to taste
  • for the core
    • Leaf spinach, alternatively chard leaves are freed from the panicles
    • 1 strand of fish fillet, in this example salmon toploin
    • some thyme rubbed and dried


  • Preparation of the core
    • Cut the toploin so that it is about 20% the diameter of the terrine mold and as long as the inside of the terrine mold
    • Wash the spinach leaves and blanch briefly, rinse in ice water and drain
    • Spread the spinach leaves out on cling film so that the resulting mat is as long as the terrine and 5 times as wide as the fillet
    • gently pat dry
  • For the farce
    • Weigh the entire mass (fish + cream).
    • measure salt
    • Measure out Pernod and lemon juice
    • Place the ice-cold fish trimmings in the food processor and sprinkle with the salt
    • Add Pernod, lemon juice and pepper
    • Close the food processor and chop everything very finely on high
    • If the lid has an opening, gradually add the cream and continue to cutter (for machines without an opening, first cutter under 1/4 of the cream and then add the rest and cutter again
    • the farce is ready when it has a silky sheen and the cream has been completely incorporated
  • Complete the tureen core
    • Spread some farce thinly on the spinach leaves
    • sprinkle with some thyme
    • place the fillet on the mat
    • Wrap in cling film and remove foil
  • Finish the tureen
    • Rinse the terrine mold with cold water, do not dry
    • Line the mold with cling film, the film should be three times the length of the mold
    • in order to snuggle the film tightly against the walls, the mold is filled with cold water
    • Now the foil can be pulled out so that there are no more air bubbles between the foil and the terrine mould
    • Fill the terrine 1/3 full with the farce and smooth it out
    • tamp the whole mold onto a torchon or tea towel to eliminate any air pockets
    • place the core in the mold and fill the mold with the remaining farce
    • tamp up again and avoid air pockets
    • Fold the protruding cling film over the mold and smooth it out
  • Cook the terrine mold in the steam cooker at 80°C to a core temperature of 60°C
    • Without a steamer in a water bath:
      • Heat the oven to 120°C
      • Heat a sufficiently large and high casserole dish
      • put the tureen in
      • fill up with boiling water until the terrine is 2/3 in the water bath
      • and cook for 10 minutes per centimeter of diameter
      • If necessary, this also works on the stove in a casserole over low heat
  • Leave the terrine to cool in the mold and refrigerate for at least 12 hours
  • Slice and arrange