Saddle of venison in a sesame speculoos crust

Saddle of venison in a sesame speculoos crust
First cut: Evenly cooked throughout

The combination of game with Christmas flavors is obvious. This type of preparation can also be realized with other game pieces, such as venison or wild boar loin.

Material needed :

  • Sufficiently large pot or sous vide basin
  • Precisely adjustable hotplate or (better) a sous vide stick or steamer
  • cling film
  • aluminum foil
  • cutting board
  • pan
  • sharp knife

Ingredients for the meat component :

  • Deerback strand
  • black sesame seeds
  • Spekulatius
  • Shell at least as long as the dorsal column
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Bring the water bath to a temperature between 55°C and a maximum of 60°C (in the CHEFS’ CLASS we use exactly 57°C water temperature)
  • Lightly salt and pepper the saddle of venison
  • Crumble the speculoos, this can be done either in a freezer bag or in the food processor
  • Mix equal parts speculoos with the black sesame seeds
  • Lay cling film twice the length of the piece of meat on a cutting board
  • Dip the venison whole in the mixture and place on the foil
  • Wrap tightly in foil without leaving air bubbles
  • Prick any air bubbles with a needle or knife point
  • Now wrap the solid roll in a layer of aluminum foil and twist the ends so that the cylindrical shape is retained
  • Leave to steep in a water bath for 45 minutes per centimeter of radius (in this example, the smallest radius was just over 2cm, we steeped for 90 minutes hours)
  • Shortly before the end of the cooking time, heat the clarified butter in the pan
  • Take the meat out of the foil and place it in the hot fat
  • Sear on both sides until golden brown
  • Slice and serve with side dishes such as red cabbage , porcini dumplings and game jus