Saddle of venison in a herb coat

Saddle of venison in a herb coat

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • 500 g saddle of venison
    50g flat-leaf parsley
    1/2 kneaded teaspoon dried tarragon
    Kampot pepper
    peanut oil or canola oil
  • 200 red cabbage (homemade like here , alternatively bought top quality)
    1 orange or orange marmalade
  • 100ml veal jus
    100ml[restrict] Madeira
    2 bay leaves
    2 juniper berries crushed
  • sprouts leaves

Prepare meat:

  • Parry the saddle of venison cleanly
  • Cut in half lengthwise and then crosswise so you have 4 pieces that are about 2-2.5cm thick and about 6-8cm long
  • Season with a pinch of salt and leave to rest for 10 minutes
  • Pour 1 tbsp of cooking oil over it and mix so that all parts are shiny with oil
    Heat the pan to the highest level
  • Sear the saddle of venison very briefly on all sides, this takes a maximum of 60 seconds at the highest level
  • Set aside, dab off the oil with kitchen paper and allow to cool, then turn in a little fresh rapeseed oil as before frying
  • Chop the parsley very finely and mix with the tarragon and a pinch of ground Kampot pepper (alternatively, you can also use some freshly ground black pepper).
  • Prepare 4 squares each of cling film and aluminum foil (simply pull off the roll until the section is square)
  • Dip the cooled, freshly oiled pieces of meat in the herb mixture and press the herbs down a little so that the herbs stick
  • Place each piece on its own square of cling film and roll up in it. Hold the ends to create a candy shape. Use a roulade needle or a fine knife tip to let out any air pockets at the ends.
  • Place clear candies on pieces of aluminum foil and roll up again to form a candy shape, twisting the ends well.
  • Let the meat drops steep in a water bath at exactly 60°C for 60 minutes (preferably with a sous-vide stick in a saucepan so that the temperature is constant)

Prepare sauce:
Bring the jus and Madeira to the boil with the bay leaves and juniper and reduce to 50%, set aside

Preparation red cabbage:
Heat the red cabbage (do not boil!), finely grate the peel from the organic orange and fold in, season with a little salt. Alternative: Stir some orange marmalade with the peel into the red cabbage and season to taste

Preparation Brussels sprouts leaves:
Remove wilted and unsightly leaves from Brussels sprouts and add to compost. Separate the dark to light green leaves that are then visible and set aside (approx. 20 pieces)


  1. Briefly sauté Brussels sprouts in a little oil over high heat in a pan, place on paper towels when the leaves start to colour. Salt lightly.
  2. Form hot red cabbage into dumplings or arrange in a small serving ring
  3. Bring the jus to the boil and add a little cold butter if necessary
  4. Carefully remove the meat from the foil and cut in half diagonally, place on the plates
  5. Pour on the jus
  6. Garnish with the Brussels sprouts