Poultry gizzard confit / sous vide

Chicken gizzards South-Ouest

The stomachs of poultry such as chickens or ducks are edible offal, as are the livers. In the preparation, however, there are significant differences, after all, the stomach is an incredibly strong muscle with a clear cartilage. So it’s impossible to eat it pan-fried.

If you want to put this very inexpensive food on your menu, you will either serve it as part of stews (e.g. in coq au vin), as your own stew or as individual pieces over leaf salads.

This example describes the preparation of chicken stomachs using the sous vide method, in order to then serve them roasted as a topping for salads, as is common in south-west France, for example.

Material needed :

  • Sufficiently large stainless steel bowl
  • heat-resistant vacuum bags
  • vacuum device
  • Sous vide basin (alternatively also preserving pot)


  • Chicken gizzards (commonly available in Turkish supermarkets).
    alternatively: duck gizzards
  • Spices per kg stomachs:
    • 14 g coarse salt
    • 1 bay leaf
    • 5 g dried thyme
    • 5 g ground pepper
  • 300 g duck or goose fat (can be used several times)


  • Check chicken stomachs for green spots, cut them off
  • Mix with the seasoning ingredients in a bowl, finely chopping the bay leaf beforehand
  • Close bowl with lid or foil.
    Alternatively: Vacuum tightly in a vacuum bag and store in a cold place
  • Leave to cure for 2 days, mixing once halfway through
  • Heat the water bath to 85°C
  • Rinse stomachs under cold water
  • drain well
  • fill portions into bags
  • Add 30% of the weight of the meat to each bag of lard
  • vacuum tight
  • Cook the bag in a water bath for 7 hours
  • Quickly bring the temperature below 4°C


  • Can be kept in the bag for several weeks below 4°C
  • Can be frozen in a bag for several months


  • Warm the bag in a steam or water bath
  • Pour the contents into a fine sieve, catching the lard
  • Heat up some lard in a pan
  • Sear the stomachs
  • Finish with some poultry jus
  • serve