Perfectly roasted duck breast

The Secret of the Duck Breast

As already described in the article ” Preparation “, when we cook a duck breast, we have 3 equal goals:

  1. crisp golden brown skin
  2. almost no more fat between skin and meat
  3. poured roast meat throughout with minimal gray rim

Material needed :

Procedure for cooking with pan and oven:

  • Lightly salt the meat side of the breast, in the CHEFS’ CLASS we use a homemade herb salt
  • Place the breast with the skin side that has already been cut into the cold pan , so the breast does not bulge and the skin is heated evenly throughout
  • slowly bring the pan to medium heat
  • after some time the fat begins to melt away
  • continue to fry on the skin until most of the fat is rendered and the skin is golden brown
  • Turn the breast over and leave to stand in the oven at 80°C until the core temperature is between 57°C and 62°C

The breast is now fully cooked and can be coated with a sauce or varnished.