Pastrami sandwich New York style

Pastrami sandwich with warm chili cheese sauce

A sandwich or burger lavishly topped with warm pastrami is one of those exceptional treats that body and soul will rave about for a long time.

For this sandwich you need per person :

  • approx. 120g pastrami ( production here )
  • 50ml warm chili cheese sauce
  • 1 large burger bun or 2 slices of toasted country bread
  • 20g rocket (for a slightly bitter component)
  • 2 tomato and cucumber slices each for freshness


  • Heat the pastrami and sauce to approx. 70°C and mix together
  • Meanwhile, toast buns or bread without fat
  • Wash and sort rocket, chop tomatoes and cucumber and set aside
  • Have the bread ready, distribute rocket on the lower half
  • Put meat and sauce on top
  • Add tomato and cucumber
  • Optionally place jalapeno slices on top
  • Cover with the other bread and fix with a skewer
  • Serve warm