Olive oil flavored with herbs

Olive oil flavored with herbs

Fats are the flavor carriers in food. In addition, they can also be enriched with herbal aromas without losing their own character.

These variants of production have proven themselves:

  • Simple variant:
    • Pour 100% oil and 15-20% herbs into a container and leave in a room-warm and above all dark place for a few days.
  • Faster variant:
    • Heat 100% oil with 15-20% herbs to a maximum of 70°C and let steep for 2-3 hours
    • Optionally, oil and herbs can also be vacuumed together in one bag and constantly heated in the sous vide tank
  • Intensive variant:
    • Infuse 100% oil and 10% herbs in a vacuum kettle for 90 minutes at 70°C and maximum negative pressure
  • High end version:
    • The use of a rotary evaporator


  • Strained into the original bottles through a strainer and stored in the refrigerator, the oils will keep for a few weeks without going rancid


In this case, a rosemary olive oil was made in the “intensive variant”: