Miso marinated veal fillet in sesame crust with Barolo jus

Miso marinated veal fillet in sesame crust with Barolo jus
Serve with jus and side dishes

The dense umami taste of miso pastes predestines the ferment made from soy (and also rice) for pickling tender portions of fish and meat.

The variant shown here is one with a lighter color [restrict]Miso paste marinated veal fillet, which was then rolled in light sesame seeds and then gently cooked in a water bath.


  • Rub the center piece of trimmed veal fillet with miso paste and wrap tightly in foil
  • Alternatively, vacuum tightly in a vacuum device with a marinating function
  • Pickle in the refrigerator for 6 to 24 hours, depending on the desired intensity
  • Rinse under cold water after pickling
  • Pat the meat dry and roll in light sesame seeds
  • Wrap tightly in foil or vacuum seal
  • Cook sous vide at a water temperature of 56 °C for 70 minutes, the sesame seeds now form a compact coat


  • After cooking, take the meat out of the bag and sear it on both sides in hot fat until the crust is golden brown
  • Cut into slices and arrange
  • In this example, the veal fillet was served with a hearty veal jus reduced with Barolo and spaghetti with sweet potatoes and zucchini