Mise en place: octopus terrine in portions

Mise en place: octopus terrine in portions

You don’t even make an octopus terrine just like that. And for smaller households it is only worthwhile if you also have the option of refrigerating or even freezing the terrine in portions.

The preparation of an octopus terrine has already been described in detail here . This post is about portioning and storage.

The only difference to the terrine described is: In this case, the octopus was not cooked sous vide but, as described here , in its own stock.

In order to produce portions that can also be used at short notice, the terrine is cut into slices of 35-40g. Two slices each form an accompaniment to salads. A slice can be a component for mixed antipasti.

We wrap each slice in glass paper and then vacuum pack two slices together in a bag.

The finished portions can now be cooled between 0 and 4°C or frozen. In the fridge at +4°C they will keep for about 30 days in a vacuum. Frozen at at least -18°C for a few months.

Environment tip : If plastic is already being used then bags that are certified for recycling should be used. In this way they are fed back into the raw material cycle.