Marinate beef tenderloin with miso

Marinate beef tenderloin with miso

The distinctive umami flavor of miso pastes combines well with meat and fish.

For pickling a middle piece of beef fillet you need:

  • cling film
  • Pallet (an angle pallet is ideal)
  • miso paste
  • Beef fillet center piece (Châteaubriand)


  • Spread out a strip of cling film
  • Spread miso paste about 1mm thick on the foil until it is four times the width of the meat diameter
  • The miso paste should line up with one end of the foil
  • Place the meat on the end of the foil and wrap in the foil
  • Seal on the sides
  • The packet can now be stored in the refrigerator for a few days until the desired intensity is reached

Preparation example