Make pure goose fat

Make pure goose fat
Finished goose fat

Goose lard is rarely available to buy – in stores it is usually mixed with 8-10% lard to set the melting point a little higher.

So if you have the chance to make pure goose fat with almost no effort, then take it! Goose fat is one of the healthier fats for frying.

When roasting goose, pure lard automatically falls out. On the one hand through the flamen (the belly fat of the goose), on the other hand through the omission of the skin.

So you have two sources of lard that you can combine without hesitation.

Procedure for the first source:

  • Put the flakes and skin sections in a cold saucepan and slowly melt the fat completely over 1/2 heat
  • this process takes time, even several hours depending on the quantity
  • The leftovers are now hard and brown, also known as greaves
  • tip :
    • The greaves can be shredded (crushed in a food processor) and either mixed together with lard and a little salt as a spread
    • but they can also be sprinkled over the dumplings served as “fairy dust”.

Procedure for Source 2:

  • When the goose is cooked, the fat between the skin and the meat melts out completely. A fat pan filled with water catches this fat.
  • once cooled, the solid lard is lifted off the water

Note : Lard can be safely frozen without going rancid, so even use it next fall for confits, rilettes, or year-round as one of the healthier frying fats.