Königsberger meatballs from veal

Königsberger meatballs from veal

Only veal is used for this variant of the Königsberger Klopse. The Klopse owe a special depth and bite to the components sweetbreads and [restrict]Tongue.

The main ingredient forms 100% as a base, all other ingredients are respective shares.

Ingredients for the roast:

  • 100% shoulder of veal
  • 25% sweetbreads
  • 25% veal tongue
  • 25% fresh white bread
  • 20% green onions
  • 20% whole egg (1 egg weighs about 60g)
  • 12.5% Small capers
  • 2% chives
  • 2% chervil
  • 2% parts tarragon
  • 1% parts anchovy paste
  • to the total weight of the mass 14g salt
  • pepper to taste

For the sauce :

  • 1 part broth from Klopse cooking
  • 0.2 parts semi-dry Riesling
  • Butter and flour for roux
  • 0.5 parts whipped cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Procedure :

  • Preparation of veal sweetbreads:
    • Soak the sweetbreads in ice-cold water with a dash of vinegar for 20 minutes
    • remove and remove the skin and remaining veins
    • place in a boiling broth of water with a little bay leaf, cloves, pepper and juniper and immediately remove from the heat
    • Leave for 15 minutes
    • Take out and let cool, save the brew for your tongue
  • Preparation of the tongue
    • If you haven’t already done so, parry the tongue
    • Place in the broth from the sweetbread, bring to the boil and then remove from the stove
    • Leave for 15 minutes
    • remove and cool in ice water
    • the white skin should now be easier to remove, if necessary with a knife
    • let cool down
  • Preparation shoulder of veal
    • Cut the pieces of meat into long strips, approx. 3×3 cm thick
    • Passing through the meat grinder, we opted for the 2mm disc
  • Either cut sweetbreads and tongue into fine cubes or, as in our variant, chop roughly in the food processor
  • Finely chop the herbs; the food processor can also be used for larger quantities
  • Finely crumble the white bread in the food processor
  • completion of the mass
    • Mix all the components together well, the sausage meat should be cohesive, i.e. stick to your hands
    • Larger quantities can also be worked in a dough mixer
    • season with pepper
  • Use an ice cream scoop to portion evenly sized dumplings
  • Shape into balls with wet hands
  • Cooking the Königsberger meatballs
    • Bring plenty of salted water (8g salt/l) to the boil
    • Place as many dumplings as you can fit side by side on the bottom of the pot
    • Remove from the stove and let steep for 10 minutes
    • Store on a baking tray and cook the next meatballs until they are all done
  • Completion of the sauce
    • Boil part of the sauce with the white wine and reduce slightly
    • keep warm
    • In another saucepan, make a light roux with butter and flour
    • Top up with the broth and bring to the boil
    • Add the cream
    • Boil while stirring
    • Season with salt and pepper
    • Optionally, capers and some caper water can be added to the sauce to taste

Arranging and serving :

As with all dishes with lots of sauce, a classic mashed potato also goes well with the Königsberger Klopsen. The salad of beetroot and Elstar apple also provides fruity freshness with a bit of spiciness.