Knowledge: Meatball Roast

Knowledge: Meatball Roast
Meatballs are fried over medium heat at most

Meatballs (boulettes, meatballs) originally arose from the use of inferior cuts of meat, which were made up of sections. Turning it through the mincer or finely chopping it made the tough pieces of meat, once cooked, easy to chew.

The choice of ingredients for meatballs is basically free. However: If you love your meatballs, you make sure that they are juicy after frying and have not become dry.

For this, the minced meat is mixed with old white bread soaked in milk and egg. The milk itself is already a fat-in-water emulsion and the egg with lecithin also ensures that the mixture of aqueous and fatty components remains homogeneous.

Regardless of the choice of the other ingredients, thorough kneading of the sausage meat is essential: as cold as possible and until the sausage meat clearly sticks to your fingers. The mass is now “cohesive”, so it binds to the extent that the liquid is bound.