Japanese Noodle Soup: Chicken based ramen

Japanese Noodle Soup: Chicken based ramen

The Japanese noodle soup is currently on its triumphal march around the world. If only because there are no (otherwise strict) rules in the choice of components. Anything that goes together and tastes good is allowed.

The composition usually consists of

  • A broth as a base
  • Flavors like miso or soy sauce
  • Noodle filling, usually udon (thick rice noodles) or soba (thin buckwheat noodles)
  • mushrooms
  • Vegetable
  • leek
  • algae
  • Bonito Flakes
  • egg
  • meat slices

For this example we have chosen these components:

  • Base: Tori Paitan , a milky chicken broth
  • Light miso paste
  • Buckwheat Noodles (Soba)
  • Fresh mushrooms (shiitake, enoki, shimeji or beech mushroom)
  • soft boiled egg (often onsen egg)
  • Chicken breast cooked sous vide


  • Provide all components
  • Take the chicken breast cooked sous vide out of the fridge and let it heat up in a water bath
  • Heat the broth
  • Pour some miso paste into the preheated bowl
  • Cook the noodles according to the instructions
  • Pour in the broth and stir in the miso
  • Add noodles
  • add other components that are visually appealing
  • Halve the soft-boiled eggs and arrange on top
  • Slice the meat and place on top as well

The ramen also lives from its play of colors, strong egg yolk, fresh green and also the red of chilies or chili oil contribute to it.