Instructions: Suprême from the corn-fed chicken in half mourning

Instructions: Suprême from the corn-fed chicken in half mourning

The “suprême” is the detached breast of the fowl with the first wing bone. With the skin and part of the wing still present, the cut of meat stays juicier than if it were cooked plain.

Originally, “poulet en demi-deuil” is a classic treat and a whole chicken is used. Depending on your preference, slices or sticks of black truffle are pushed under the skin, which clearly shine through after cooking. Half-mourning robe. Then the usually additionally stuffed white chicken is then poached and napped with a Suprême sauce.

For a larger number of guests, however, the preparation of whole animals is a lot of carving work. And the division of the different pieces of meat is more difficult. In addition, we do not want to do without delicate roasted aromas in this example and opt for baking on the skin side in the oven and not for the usual poaching.

We recommend buying only the Suprêmes for larger numbers of guests.

Instructions: The wing shanks are exposed by slitting the skin and flesh down to the bone around the end piece and then sliding the flesh down toward the breast.

A skin-to-flesh incision is made from one side of the breast skin. Slices or sticks of truffle can now be pushed into the pocket with your finger and distributed under the skin.

After cooking, the skin should be crispy and the fat contained should have melted out. To do this, the breasts are placed skin-side down on a greased, cold(!) tray.

Salt very lightly, cover with a thin slice of butter and then leave to rest for 20 minutes. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 220°C, preferably on “Fan Grill” mode.

Place the cold tray with the breasts in the hot oven and bake for 12-13 minutes. Then turn off the oven, turn the breasts over and let them rest with the oven door open.

In the meantime make side dishes. Then arrange the breasts whole or sliced.

In the example, steamed broccoli florets and fresh tagliolini in a creamy mushroom sauce were used.