game jus

game jus
Simmer gently for 3 hours, skimming occasionally

A strong game jus is the classic accompaniment to classic game dishes, such as saddle of venison or saddle of venison steaks.

It is made in the same way as a veal jus, and filled with a dark veal stock. However, the jus requires bones from the game, which give the whole thing its typical aroma.

Material needed :

  • casserole or casserole
  • oven
  • mixing spatula
  • pointed strainer

Ingredients for 1 liter sauce:

  • butter or goose fat
  • 2 kg game bones[restrict]
  • Roasted vegetables (1,000g mixed)
  • Tomato paste (50 g)
  • low-salt soy sauce for deglazing (100 ml)
  • Red wine for glazing (1 l)
  • dark veal stock to fill up (3 l)
  • Spices:
    • 2 bay leaves
    • 6 cloves
    • 16 juniper berries (crushed)
    • 1 tsp peppercorns
    • 1/2 star anise

Procedure :

  • Roast the bones on a grid in the oven over a fat pan filled with water at 200°C circulating air until they are clearly dark brown but not blackened
  • In the meantime, roughly dice the roasted vegetables and heat the casserole on the stove
  • First, roast the root vegetables with the innards thoroughly in the hot lard at 4/5 heat until they are well browned
  • Now roast the leafy vegetables as well, being careful not to burn them
  • Deglaze with the reduced-salt soy sauce and stir
  • Let it simmer until it’s just a syrupy consistency
  • Now pour in 1/4 of the red wine
  • Stir and cook until the liquid has almost evaporated
  • Repeat the process until the red wine is gone
  • Reduce the heat to 2/3 and add the tomato paste
  • roast while stirring frequently
  • add the oven-roasted bones
  • Pour in the dark veal stock until everything is covered
  • Add spices
  • Bring everything to the boil and remove the foam
  • continue to simmer gently for 3 hours (approx. 2/3 heat)
  • Pass through a fine sieve
  • Reduce to 1/4 the amount in the saucepan over full heat
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Possibly bind