Fry the bratwurst properly

Fry the bratwurst properly

Rule number 1 : The Bratwurst is actually not called a Bratwurst but a Brät -Wurst. It got its name from what was put inside the intestines: a roast made of ground meat with spices and salt.

The underlying concept is: By filling it in a protective cover such as casing or casing, the sausage meat can be cooked more gently and gently. This differs from the meatball or other fried or grilled minced meat preparations. Basically, the sausage meat is cooked almost “sous vide”.

If you follow this concept, then automatically…

Rule number 2 : The skin must remain intact when roasting or grilling so that the meat remains juicy.

If you don’t want to do without the roasted aromas, the gentlest way to cook bratwurst is slow frying at low heat in lots of fat. Don’t worry: the fat is only for more even heat transfer. It neither penetrates the food nor makes the dish greasy.

With a maximum of medium heat and turning several times, the sausage becomes golden brown and crispy on the outside, while the meat inside is gently cooked without becoming dry.

Purists even do without barbecue sauces or mustard. Especially if you made the sausage meat yourself and filled the sausages yourself.