Fruity beetroot salad

Fruity beetroot salad

The beetroot with its earthy aroma polarizes strongly: some love them, others hate them. Hardly anyone who is indifferent to the tuber.

The earthy aroma can be softened with acidity. The beetroot slices pickled in vinegar brine, known as red chips , also hardly taste earthy.

For this salad we chose the following components :

  • 100% : fresh beetroot[restrict]
  • 100% : Elstar apple
  • 10% : wild lingonberries from the jar
  • 5% apple vinegar
  • spices
    • salt
    • ground ginger
    • freshly ground black pepper to taste
    • cumin for the cooking water

Procedure :

  • NOTE: Disposable gloves are very useful when processing the beetroot, as the tuber stains heavily. Wearing an apron is also recommended
  • wash the beetroot and then simmer gently in salted water with a little caraway for 60 minutes, the water is allowed to move a little
  • drain and soak in cold water if possible
  • peel with a small knife, similar to jacket potatoes
  • Using a kitchen grater or a slicer, slice the tubers into strips
  • Also slice the apples into strips of the same size
  • mix with the other ingredients
  • Refrigerate and let stand for at least 2 hours


  • As a side dish, this salad goes perfectly with Königsberger Klopsen and other meat dishes. The fine spiciness of the ginger gives the fruit acid an additional kick.