Fine grid as a set

Fine grid as a set

As a crispy garnish, fine grids are a real eye-catcher. You can color the base in different colors. It is important that the colorant is heat-resistant. E.g. beetroot, sepia ink, etc.

Basic recipe:

  • 65 ml oil
  • 55ml water
  • 10 grams of flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Coloring agent (e.g. from Color Food)


  • Mix all the ingredients together well, also with a hand blender.
  • Heat pan to medium heat
  • Stir batter each time before pouring and pour a small portion into hot pan
  • Wait for the water vapor to disappear
  • Take out the grid and place on kitchen paper
  • after a few seconds, the grid is fixed and can be used


  • The procedure is basically simple, but still requires some experience.
  • But at least you should know the heat settings of your stove well and be able to adjust them.
  • If the pan is too hot, the outer edges of the grid will burn, turning first brown and then black
  • If the pan is too cold, the flour won’t cook through