Wednesday, 10. August 2022

Was mir hier am meisten bringt, ist: Ich werfe nicht mehr so viel weg. Anstatt mehr Geld fürs Kochen auszugeben spare ich jetzt sogar viele Rohstoffe, weil aus ehemaligen Abfällen neue Gerichte entstehen.

Stephanie Maas

Mitglied seit 7.12.2020

Was macht die CHEFS' CLASS so besonders?

  • The CHEFS’ CLASS is the online cooking club for all people who like to cook and not only want to deal with recipes but also want to understand the background and basics.
  • What is the philosophy behind the CHEFS’ CLASS? We stand for sustainability. Species protection and animal welfare are just as important to us as promoting sustainable agriculture. All consumable parts of food are used. We always prefer regional products if they are also available in our region.
  • I’m a hobby cook. Is the CHEFS’ CLASS something for me? Most of our members are home cooks. In addition, some trainee cooks and young chefs are among our members.
  • How do I know when new guides and recipes are released? Every Friday we send out the new releases of the last week by e-mail – just in time for the weekend as inspiration. The CHEFS’ CLASS is also a knowledge database that is constantly growing.
  • Can all the dishes for a hobby cook be lifted with standard household appliances? Yes, of course. Although we (also) use professional technology because we use it constantly, every dish can also be prepared with the same quality using devices designed for private use.
  • Why does CHEFS’ CLASS cost money when I can see almost everything on the internet for free? For two reasons: a) We vouch for the technical correctness of our instructions. We cannot give this guarantee if everyone can provide their content without checking it. b) Other platforms also make money. Some with ads, some with subscriptions, some with both. We want to forgo advertising revenue because the interests of our members are our priority.
  • What distinguishes the CHEFS’ CLASS from cooking schools? We want to close a technically well-founded gap focused on cooking. Without pointing fingers and always at eye level. Without personality cult and without event character. Manual skills and creativity should be encouraged.
  • What can I find here that I can’t find anywhere else ? Essentially, our members get more security. Security in theory and security in practice. Let’s take the example of “marinating”: people are being whitened everywhere, and putting them in a marinade would penetrate deep into the meat. Our members know that’s not true and use other techniques.
  • I’m just starting out with serious cooking. Is the CHEFS’ CLASS something for me? Clear! Start with the basics, become confident in the simple dishes and preparations, and then work your way up as time and resources allow.
  • Which devices would be indispensable for me? No appliance except perhaps a stove and an oven is indispensable. However, as the demands on the preparation increase, so do the demands on the technology. From our point of view, the most important additional devices are a blender, a vacuum sealer and a meat thermometer. And at least one sharp chef’s knife.
  • How much does the CHEFS’ CLASS cost? We attach great importance to independence. So we consistently forego income from advertising or product placement. Our members pay 5 euros per month for annual membership. Young people under 25 only pay 5 euros per month for annual membership.
  • Why can’t I see any celebrities and star chefs in CHEFS’ CLASS? Our philosophy is: The focus is on cooking and professional guidance. Star and celebrity chefs also want to be paid, and rightly so. From our point of view, this would unnecessarily increase the prices for the CHEFS’ CLASS membership.

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