Wednesday, 10. August 2022


The CHEFS’ CLASS is for people who always want to perfect their kitchen skills at a high level. Divided into levels of difficulty, you get all the techniques, methods and preparations of the upscale and modern kitchen taught by real professionals: without personality cult and technically well-founded.

Our core values are based on the code of honor of the Euro-Toques Chefs Association.

From tender vegetables to strong classic sauces to the preparation method that best suits the respective food, all content is prepared in detail with videos or photo galleries.

The team includes chefs, confectioners, butchers, chemists and physicists. All without personal vanities – the stars are the members.

CHEFS’ CLASS does not advertise hardware or food manufacturers. In this way, we maintain our independence in terms of content and provide you with authentic experience and expertise. In return, you receive an always repeatable guarantee of success.

The CHEFS’ CLASS is a project by digital foodservice media.

The initiator is Tim Oberstebrink, head of Euro-Toques

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