Duck breast sous vide

Duck breast sous vide
consistently even cooking level

When preparing duck breasts, 3 goals are pursued at the same time :

  1. a crisp golden brown skin
  2. almost no more fat between skin and meat
  3. Meat cooked pink throughout with no appreciable gray rim

The classic preparation with pan and oven has been described here. In this article, the duck breast is cooked “backwards”: first finish cooking, then preserve the roasted aromas.

This variant is suitable, even if it requires a little more equipment, especially if you always want to achieve the same results. This variant is also ideal for preparing larger quantities at the same time, as you don’t have to pay attention to every single piece of meat.

Material needed :

  • prepared duck breasts
  • vacuum bag
  • vacuum sealer
  • Water bath with thermostat (sous vide basin), if possible accurate to a tenth of a degree
  • oven

Procedure :

  • Lightly salt the meat side of the prepared duck breasts. In the CHEFS’ CLASS we use this homemade herb salt
  • vacuum the breasts individually or in pairs next to each other
  • Cook in a water bath at a temperature between 57°C (medium-rare) and 62.8°C (medium) for 70 minutes
  • our preference is 62.8°C – this corresponds exactly to à point/medium
  • after 70 minutes at 62.8°C, the breasts are also pasteurized and can therefore be stored for longer
  • Quickly cool the finished breasts in the bag to below 5°C and store them cold until use (freezing is also possible without hesitation)

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