Confited king prawns with pasta in white wine sauce

Confited king prawns with pasta in white wine sauce
Beispiel: Orechiette mit Weißweinsauce und confierten Riesengarnelen

Confiting, i.e. slow cooking in oil at low heat, is one of the ways of preparing the king prawns with intense flavor.

Additional benefit :
The tender meat does not become dry, as is often the case when grilling.

The oil temperature should not exceed 60 °C. In this way, the shrimp do not take on the taste of the oil and are not overcooked.

In this case, the shrimp have been halved lengthways, then when exposed to heat they fan out like a butterfly.

The cooking time at 60 °C was about 6 minutes.

The confit shrimp goes well with salads, fine seafood dishes, pasta, variations of surf & turf dishes.

The oil used can be used again and again and safely frozen in the bottle until the next use.

Example in the photo gallery:
Orecchiette in white wine sauce with confit king prawns