Colorful vegetables with flavor variations (sous vide)

Colorful vegetables with flavor variations (sous vide)
Tightly vacuumed for cooking

A particularly tender vegetable side dish, refined with different flavors, is the variation of sous vide cooked carrots, Brussels sprouts and wild broccoli. Basically, sous vide cooking works with all vegetables.

The advantage: the vegetables cannot be overcooked and the flavors are even intensified. As a result, aromatics and salt should be used very sparingly.

The peeled vegetables, such as carrots, Brussels sprouts and wild broccoli are cleaned and vacuum sealed with the respective aromas.

The broccoli was vacuum packed with oil, this provided resistance to external pressure while vacuuming and the tender vegetables remained intact.

The olive oil previously boiled in a vacuum kettle at 65°C with fresh herbs from Provence and was thus intensively infused with the herbal aromas.

Combinations :

  • Orange carrots with butter and thyme
  • Yellow carrots with butter and ground ginger
  • Purple carrots with butter and white pepper
  • Brussels sprouts with butter and honey
  • Wild broccoli with Provence herb oil

A sparing pinch of salt was placed in each bag.


  • Heat the water bath to 85°C
  • Cooking times:
    • Brussels sprouts 75 minutes
    • carrots 60 minutes
    • Broccoli 35 minutes
  • Since all the vegetables can use the same basin, they only need to be placed in the bath one at a time to be ready at the same time.


After cooking, drain from the bag on kitchen paper and serve immediately