Cod with tapenade and zucchini flakes in pine smoke

Cod with tapenade and zucchini flakes in pine smoke

A variation of the cod fillet with tapenade is topping it with zucchini slices. The preparation is otherwise analogous to the preparation with the mushroom scales.

Additional highlight :

  • Bundles were tied from dried pine needles. These were lit to serve, placed on the dish and covered with a glass hood (cloche).
  • The cloche is removed on the table, the smoke rises and in the meantime has had ample opportunity to enrich the dish with a fine smoke aroma.

The procedure :

  • Portion the cod loin into pieces of approx. 150g each
  • Prepare fresh tapenade
  • Cut zucchini into wafer-thin slices or slice, a truffle slicer is perfect for this if you only want small quantities
  • Spread the tapenade on the meat side of the fish portions
  • Put on the zucchini scales
  • Fry on the skin side
  • Pour in some fish stock and cover the pan with a lid
  • Let cook until the zucchini flakes are al dente
  • Serve on puree or sauce
  • Light the pine needles and put on
  • Cover with cloche