Clarify broths and stock

Clarify broths and stock

goal :
A cloudy liquid should become clear

knowledge :
Turbidity is the finest suspended matter that gives a broth a cloudy or milky appearance. They can be encapsulated by egg white

Procedure :

  • Mix 2-3 egg whites per liter of liquid and add to the still cold liquid
  • Bring to the boil slowly while stirring frequently, otherwise the egg white will sink to the bottom of the pot and can no longer absorb the turbid matter once it has coagulated there
  • As soon as the liquid boils, reduce the heat and do not let it simmer any longer
  • The egg white has now encapsulated the cloudy matter and, because it has become solid itself, enclosed it
  • The resulting “cake” now appears to you on the liquid and can be lifted off very carefully with a slotted spoon
  • Strain the liquid through a cloth and what remains is the clarified broth

Note :
In the case of meat broths, the egg white is also mixed with the meat that has been left through the meat grinder, and finely chopped vegetables or tomato paste are also added, giving the broth even more strength. Beef shank is usually used as the clarifying meat because it is rich in collagen.

A clarified meat broth is called a consommé – if you double the amount of clarified meat, it is a consommé double.