Bread and fry the schnitzel

Bread and fry the schnitzel

There are several reasons for breading delicate foods:

The food

  1. do not dry out during cooking
  2. get a crispy surface when roasting or deep-frying, which they would not have gotten without drying out if they were roasted without breading
  3. receive additional taste components and aromas

As a side effect, you can say that they are also more filling, since the breading usually consists of carbohydrates (breadcrumbs, white bread crumbs, panko).

For the breading, you build up a breading line that leads in the direction of the pan if possible. Each container contains:

  1. flour
  2. beaten egg, usually seasoned
  3. Breading (breadcrumbs, panko, white breadcrumbs, oatmeal, etc.)

Roast meat:

Schnitzels are fried in deep, heat-resistant fat. Oils such as peanut or rapeseed oil are suitable, as is clarified butter, which also has a fine buttery taste.

The fat is heated to approx. 180°C